Store-Bought vs. Custom-Made Mouthguards

store-bought vs. custom-made mouthguards

Store-Bought vs. Custom-Made Mouthguards

If you have a condition known as bruxism, which is the unconscious clenching and grinding of your teeth and jaw during the night, then your dentist in Fort Saskatchewan may suggest that you get a mouthguard to wear at night. At the least, wearing a mouthguard during your sleep can help protect your teeth from …

what is the cost of a custom-made mouthguard

What is the Cost of a Custom-Made Mouthguard?

The chronic, unconscious clenching and grinding of teeth during sleep is known as a condition called bruxism. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, then it is likely that your dentist in Fort Saskatchewan has recommended that you get a mouthguard to wear during the night as treatment. You may be wondering how much …

Dear Patients,

It is with great sadness that I announce that our dental clinic of 20 years has burned down. As there are still safety concerns with entering the premises, we are unable to retrieve patient records , including contact information at the current time. I am hopeful to find a location within an existing office to practice in temporarily. In the meantime, I do have colleagues who have reached out and are open to me seeing emergencies in their clinics if required.

The office number is forwarded to a cell phone, so we are still taking calls at (780) 997-6453 or 780-99-SMILE (no texts). Please also feel free to call or text me directly at 780-970-1446. The fire department and RCMP have worked diligently and we want to thank them for their efforts.
My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and my deepest gratitude for your understanding and ongoing support. Hopefully we will be up and running very soon as we look forward to seeing you.

Thank you,
Dr. Nimet Jinnah and staff at Fort Smiles Dental (formerly known as Smilemakers Dental Centre)