Dental Insurance

We are delighted that you have chosen Fort Smiles Dental Centre for your dental needs. Our team aims to make your oral health the best it can be. With the help of your insurance company, maintaining optimal oral health is easier than ever.

Insurance coverage is an agreement between your employer and your insurance company. There is a wide range of insurance policies and coverage. Please understand that your coverage may not match the updated dental fee guide. The level of coverage agreed upon does not involve our dental office. Our front office staff are more than happy to contact your insurance company and get an deeper understanding of what treatments you will be covered for. Any portion of your treatment that is not covered by your insurance is your financial responsibility. You are also responsible for any treatments that are no longer covered by your insurance company.

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Did You Know?

  • Benefits are an agreement between the insurance company, your employer, and yourself- the dentist is not involved.
  • Dental clinics are not informed of insurance policy changes.
  • Your entire treatment will not always be covered.
  • Some insurance companies offer 100% dental coverage, and some offer less. Our fees are average and based on our quality of care, expertise, and materials.

Our Team Members are Here to Help if You Have any Questions

If you have any concerns about your insurance coverage, we suggest that you speak directly to your insurance company or have one of our friendly staff members call on your behalf.

We are happy to offer estimates of treatment fees to our patients which we can send to your insurance company to confirm coverage. This will allow you to plan for costs before committing to treatment.

You must be aware that insurance companies will on occasion come back with a request for cheaper alternatives. Our dental clinic is happy to discuss any alternative treatment options available before your treatment.

Patients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their dental plan to eliminate any surprises or disappointments caused by payment issues.