Emergency Dentistry Near You

Dental emergencies are situations in which patients require immediate attention and care. At Fort Smiles Dental, we understand how painful and stressful dental emergencies can be. We offer emergency dentistry in Fort Saskatchewan so that when a dental emergency arises, you can trust that you have a team of qualified, trust-worthy dental professionals at your side.

emergency dentistry service in Fort Saskatchewan

Emergency Dentistry Procedures

When you visit Fort Smiles Dental, it is our priority to provide patients with the most effective and efficient emergency dental care possible. Some common types of dental emergencies that our emergency dentist near you deals with include:

Chipped and Cracked Teeth: If you have minor chips or cracks in your teeth, your dentist may recommend dental fillings to fill the space where the damage is. The type of filling that your dentist will use depends on the nature of the damage and position of your teeth.

Severe Tooth Infection: If you have a disease or infection at the root of your tooth, your dentist may offer root canal therapy to save you from tooth loss.

Damaged or Decayed Teeth: Another option for decayed and damaged teeth may be dental crowns or dental veneers. These can be used to restore and protect weakened or damaged teeth.

Other Types of Dental Emergencies

Another reason to seek emergency dentistry near you is soft tissue trauma such as cuts and lacerations to your face, lips, cheeks, and tongue.

When you visit our dental clinic for a dental emergency, your emergency dentist in Fort Saskatchewan will begin by getting a thorough history of your medical health and understanding of the situations that led up to this emergency. They will then assess the affected area to determine the best course of treatment.

If you have superficial wounds in your soft tissue, your dentist may allow you to leave with some painkillers and antibiotics. Some deeper lacerations will require sutures and bandaging as well. It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions for aftercare to prevent infection or further oral health issues down the road.

Looking for Emergency Dentistry Near You?

Fort Smiles Dental is happy to provide emergency dentistry in Fort Saskatchewan. When facing a dental emergency, it is important to have a dental clinic you can trust. Our team is highly trained and equipped to help you with any sort of dental emergency. Please do not hesitate to come to our clinic today.