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How to choose right dentist in Fort Saskatchewan

Do you currently have a family dentist? Are you looking to switch clinics? There are several different factors to consider when comparing and choosing the right dentist for you. The following is a list of things you may want to look for when selecting a clinic:


A dental emergency can arise at any time, with no regard for the time or day of the week. You will need someone to be able to check your oral condition and provide the right solution as soon as possible. Therefore, you may want to consider a clinic that offers 24-hour emergency services or that has a 24-hour emergency line. While researching the 24-hour emergency dentists, you may want to verify that the dentist in Fort Saskatchewan is available and not solely the staff.


Any dentist, 24-hour or not, should be experienced in the field. If you look around in Fort Saskatchewan, you will find a lot of dentists, but not all of them are experienced and qualified enough despite strict requirements for dental licensing. Before selecting your family dentist, you may want to ask questions and find out more about their experience in the field, their specialization, and their certification. Do not settle for anyone with less than ten years of experience; although they may be a talented professional, the experience can bring perfection and a higher level of expertise to the work.

Services Offered

When considering a clinic, you will want to look for a dentist who offers several dentistry services and isn’t just specialized in one or two areas. If you have a family, choosing a dentist who offers complete dentistry solutions becomes even more necessary due to the age range and varying treatment that may be required. It may become quite inconvenient to visit different dentists for tooth extraction, your child’s root canal treatment, and your spouse’s crown. Visit the websites of all the dentists you are considering, visit the clinics and chat with the staff to find out everything you would want to know about their services. Once you have all the information, you can then compare the pricing of these services of various dentists.


Along with the experience and services offered, you may also want to look at the reputation of the dentist and the clinic. Although online reviews are not always reliable, they could alert you to common problems others have experienced such as providing inefficient or unethical services, or the dentist may simply be too rude with patients. Ask around to find out more about the dentists you are considering.

You can get in touch with Fort Smiles Dental Centre directly if you are looking for one of the best 24-hour emergency dentists in Fort Saskatchewan. For more than two decades, we have been providing a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services for family members of all ages.

Dear Patients,

It is with great sadness that I announce that our dental clinic of 20 years has burned down. As there are still safety concerns with entering the premises, we are unable to retrieve patient records , including contact information at the current time. I am hopeful to find a location within an existing office to practice in temporarily. In the meantime, I do have colleagues who have reached out and are open to me seeing emergencies in their clinics if required.

The office number is forwarded to a cell phone, so we are still taking calls at (780) 997-6453 or 780-99-SMILE (no texts). Please also feel free to call or text me directly at 780-970-1446. The fire department and RCMP have worked diligently and we want to thank them for their efforts.
My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and my deepest gratitude for your understanding and ongoing support. Hopefully we will be up and running very soon as we look forward to seeing you.

Thank you,
Dr. Nimet Jinnah and staff at Fort Smiles Dental (formerly known as Smilemakers Dental Centre)